Nsys Portal is a web application using the MVC architecture. It is fully written in Java and is deployed as a standard Java WAR file into a Java Servlet Container such as Tomcat. The majority of the portal core functionality resolves around the utility and manager classes which thus becomes the heart of portal.

As with any other web application, let us start with the incoming requests. Users interact with portal using web browser or Nsys Terminal. There are other ways how to interact with portal like making remote calls using REST/SOAP. The presentation layer in portal is using JSPs, Velocity and Qube templates.

Portal has capability to extend its functionality by plugins which are having similar structure to Nsys Daemon plugins as is described here.

The plugin management is based on the same core component Management Agent which is not used only for daemon but it is used for portal as well. We can say the portal is also a kind of Nsys Daemon.


Nsys Portal Architecture



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