In this section, we will see a brief overview of the Nsys Portal plugin. The Nsys Portal plugin is a JAR file that has a mandatory plugin descriptor and some optional Java classes and templates such as velocity and Qube. The Qube templates are used to render the content for the Nsys Terminal and the velocity templates are used to render the HTML pages associated with the plugin.

The plugin descriptor, the only mandatory part of a plugin, is an XML file which must be named nsys-plugin.xml. The file is located at the root of the plugin. The nsys-plugin.xml file defines the various modules in a plugin. It has similar structure as daemon plugin. The difference is only in kind of modules which are available only for portal.


Suppose you have a PagePanel and PagePanelFragment module in the plugin, it will look as follows:

<page-panel key="cloud-overview-page-panel" name="Cloud Overview"
    	<description>A Cloud Overview Page Panel</description>
    	<label>Cloud Overview</label>

<page-panel-fragment key="zabbix-page-panel-fragment" name="Zabbix">
    	<description>Zabbix Overview</description>

<page-panel-fragment key="dropbox-page-panel-fragment" name="Dropbox">
    	<description>Dropbox Overview</description>



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