Feature Request

Design and implement a system for distribution of computing tasks in the network environment based on Nsys Framework Infrastructure. The system for distribution and management of the tasks will be implemented as a plugin(s) for Nsys.Daemon which represents the main system service responsible for the network node management. The part of implementation is a design of technique responsible for distribution computing tasks between multiple network nodes in the Nsys Framework Infrastructure environment.

Create a task scheduler which is responsible for task scheduling on network nodes. On each network node needs to be implement a task engine responsible for monitoring of the tasks which are running there and providing necessary system resources for running (e.g. data storage to keep results from the tasks, provide a support for communication between another nodes). The implementation of each task is represented by a plugin implementing an interface with some base methods which the task engine will be able to load and run (e.g. task initialization, cancel, stop, execute). It is necessary to provide a possibility to run tasks on a network node based on priorities. Create a tool for monitoring all running tasks in the network environment of the Nsys Framework infrastructure. The tool should be able to do base management of the tasks (e.g. stop, start, cancel, re-run).

Create a simple application for demonstration of the functionality designed solution. It can be a simple application able to do some configuration actions or able to do a monitoring of the network and/or system activity on a network node.

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